Envelopes & Packaging

Envelopes & Packaging

Gascogne Flexible provides our customers with solutions to all their product packaging, protection and identification needs. Our materials can be used for primary and secondary packaging: interleaving for sticky products or palletisation, reinforced envelopes for secure shipments, labels, food and industrial banding, etc.

Envelopes & Pockets

Our service, innovation, cross-cutting technical expertise (paper production and processing) and complementary industrial facilities make Gascogne Flexible a leading European player in specialty envelopes.

Reinforced laminates, Gascofil

Our strengths

The products

  • A comprehensive offer: from ecru envelope paper (Gascogne Papier) to protection bands coated with silicone or Gascofil® (Gascogne Flexible), printed or plain.

  • A large range in our product offer, weights and functionalities to meet all your technical (folding/sealing machine compatibility) and budget requirements.

  • Generic products available from stock within three weeks.

  • Delivery in rolls or other formats for the Gascofil® range.

Gascogne Flexible is a member of the FEPE.


Gummed papers, Rolmatic

Rolmatic® range:
Rolmatic® 104, Rolmatic® 104 F and Rolmatic® 130 are papers coated on both sides and are specially designed for bin liners banding. Gascogne Flexible supplies, to manufacture Rolmatic® 104 F, raw materials meeting the chains of custody from forest certification schemes (sustainably managed forests).
Rolmatic® FC 112 is approved for food contact for salami liners banding.

Our strengths

The products

  • We use a plant-based adhesive that ensures excellent machinability on all application materials.

  • The Rolmatic® label is easily removed (thanks to the plant-based adhesive) and won’t damage the first bin bag.

  • Labels on gummed paper are ideal packaging for bin bag rolls, making them an exceptional and cost-efficient marketing tool.

  • A banding label reduces excess packaging to optimise space when displaying bin bags in a supermarket layout.

Carton closure

Gummed papers, Fiberforce

With our Fiberforce® and Goma® brands, we can offer you the optimal solution for carton closure.
We also provide a complementary range of materials applied with manual or electronic devices.

Our strengths

The products

  • Security: a perfect seal between the plant-based adhesive and the box to ensure the packaging remains intact. Paper fibres adhere to the container fibres for a completely secure closure. Removable of the band damages the container, indicating a broken seal.

  • A biodegradable and recyclable range: The Goma® range is 100% biodegradable and recyclable with paper. Goma is made of pure Kraft pulp and plant-based adhesive (potato starch).

  • Machinable: from dispensers to automated machines, the fastening band features a range of simple and efficient application methods.

  • Excellent stability: once stuck, the gummed tape remains unaffected by variations in temperature and humidity. The gummed tape will stay in place, even under difficult storage conditions or after ageing.

  • Customisable: a design with up to three colours can be printed on the tape to create a brand communication material. Showcasing and securing of your packaging (logo, barcode, white space, text, etc.).


Gummed papers, Label- wine

Our entire alternative Isomatic bio range is 100% biodegradable and recyclable with paper.

The raw materials used to produce the Isomatic bio range are carefully selected: more than 85% are renewable and a water-based, solvent-free adhesive is used. An eco-responsible manufacturing process ensures no toxic emissions are released into the atmosphere during production. We reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing all our raw materials in Europe.

Our strengths

The products

  • A biodegradable and recyclable range.

  • Our Isomatic bio labels have no protective backing: reduced waste.

  • Secure adhesive: once adhered, our labels remain in place, even under difficult storage conditions or ageing. The only way to remove them is by soaking.

  • Multi-use: they adhere well to all porous surfaces: paper, cardboard, glass, metal, wood, ceramic, enamel and itself.

  • Multiple applications: Large format labels for paper rolls; labels for glass, food and organic products; labels for packaging and transport