Our technical flexibility and expertise allow us to offer the solution that is best suited to the different types of adhesives you use, your industrial manufacturing process and your use conditions.

Our strengths

The products

  • A large range of standard products

  • Expertise in thermal coating technologies (water-based, solvent and solventless) to adapt the release liner to your needs

  • High-performance equipment accepting very low application tolerances to meet the most demanding market needs

  • An R&D laboratory with cutting-edge equipment for release liners

  • Release formulations that can be tailored to your needs

Adhesive tapes

Release liners, Adhesive tapes
Release liners, Special adhesive tapes

Gascogne Flexible has developed new formulas to meet the needs of the adhesive tape industry. We offer release liners that are stable against temperature variations and ageing and which are compatible with all types of adhesives.

Gascogne Flexible offers a complete range of silicone-coated papers (glassine, coated paper, PE-coated paper, special papers, etc.) and films.

These liners are offered with single or double-side coatings.

Graphic arts

Advertising materials, traffic and safety signs, decorative vinyl and adhesive items, book covers.

To meet the needs of this market in terms of products that lay flat with dimensional stability, varying rigidity and good printability, we offer a number of release liners, and particularly PE-extruded and silicone coated liners on site. To showcase your brand or include user instructions, these products can also be printed.

Release liners, Decorative vinyls
Release liners, Traffic signs


Release liners, laminates
Release liners, Automotive industry

The performance of release liners plays a key role in numerous industries.

Gascogne Flexible offers an array of specialities thanks to our R&D laboratory and our 40 years of experience in this field.