Our service, innovation, cross-cutting technical expertise (paper production and processing) and complementary industrial facilities make Gascogne Flexible a leading European player in our industry.


Gascogne is positioned as a specialist in the building industry.
Gascogne Flexible is a leader in creating innovative high-performance insulating products to help preserve our natural resources.

Our extensive paper production and processing experience enable us to develop exceptional products for the mineral wool and rigid PUR / PIR foam markets.
Our teams of experts anticipate future regulatory requirements and insulating products.

Our strengths

The products

  • Our solutions are available with or without scrim reinforcement and composed of two to nine distinct layers.

  • Our versatile production equipment adapts to raw materials with particular chemical properties (adhesion, stability, gas barrier) and regulatory requirements (flame retardant, stability).

  • Recognised expertise in supplying mineral wool and PUR / PIR foam.

Gascogne Flexible is a member of the SNPU trade union.


Gascogne is positioned as a specialist in the building industry.
As part of our sack manufacturing activity, Gascogne Flexible has developed a range of heat-sealable valve sacks.

The complementary activities at our facilities (two production sites) have allowed us to create a comprehensive range of heat-sealable valves. Our industrial versatility means we can meet all European sack and packaging needs, regardless of your production machine.

Our strengths

The products

  • Our valve range meets essential performance criteria (temperature, slip, cadence, etc.) to suit all your needs.

  • Recognized expertise in sack manufacturing.